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High tide 5:51 p.m. Mattawoman Creek

I like to use Mattawoman as a base for my tide value it is a good midway point between aquia and Washington.

We ran to pomonkey and we were able to catch fish right away with the tide coming up we did really well the last hour of high tide and left the area around 630 to run south.

We arrived at chickamuxen around 645 and immediately started catching fish that lasted for about 30 minutes and we should have moved then. After that we ran to Quantico and didn’t have as much luck

All in all it was in a bad evening we caught fish we just didn’t catch the right size.

I fished the LAPR tournament today.   The weather this morning wasn’t fun.   The wind and the tide caused big rollers and made for a rough ride.   Once the tide changed the river smoothed out.  

With the weather out of the way the fishing wasn’t too bad.   The problem was trying to catch fish over 15.  We caught a number of bass most of them coming on a jig with a crawfish.   We also caught a 14.26 snakehead.  


Tonight I ran to Pomonkey to catch some quick.   Fishing was a little slow but still caught a few.   The water was muddier than I anticipated though.  

Later I went to Mattowomen to try some frogging.  Around 8 pm fishing picked up and I saw a lot of action other than the fish I caught.  

The water temp was up to 81-83 but overall the clarity was down.  

Happy Memorial Day!

My buddies and I went out on the River today to catch some bass and have a good time. We started out by going to Pomonkey as I figured we could easily catch a bunch of little ones. Sure enough we started out great and in the first hour and a half we had 10 bass in the boat ranging in weight but most of them being little guys. I decided to move us then over to Gunston. When we arrived over there, the water was very muddy and we didn’t have any luck. Next stop Mattowomen!

Mattowomen is always good for a couple of fish, and we managed to track down a few, but they were few and far between. So after a couple of hours there we moved to Quantico to finish the day off. We were really looking for a snakehead in here, but again, we were thwarted.


All in all we had a good day just wish we would have caught a few more fish after that first two hours.

After the extremely low tide this weekend. I went out fishing Tuesday night for a small league tournament. I thought the fishing would be great, but there was an 8 to 10 degree water change from Monday and it seemed to have affected fishing. You could still catch fish, but I wasn’t able to get much size to mine. From 5 to 9 my buddy and I caught about 12 fish, but only 4 were keepers. All in all, it wasn’t a horrible outing, if there would have been more size to the fish.

If you fished on the Potomac today you know you could barely see the front of your boat because of the fog in the morning, but the crappie fishing turned out to be pretty good. I finally managed to get through the no wake zone to the 95 bridge and get on the crappie. By the time I got here, there was about 10 boats under the bridge so the area I had to choose from was limited, however I managed to locate a few schools of fish and catch a couple. I was using a pink jig head and a white tail, but I had the best luck with a white twist tail with blue specks.

The fish were sitting right on the very bottom and I did manage to hook the bottom once, but not as bad as I saw others hooking the bottom frequently. I also spoke to another fisherman who managed to catch 4 stripers while he was there, I personally didn’t catch any, but I was focusing on crappie. I hope to get out again soon, and will post another update then.



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