Happy Memorial Day!

My buddies and I went out on the River today to catch some bass and have a good time. We started out by going to Pomonkey as I figured we could easily catch a bunch of little ones. Sure enough we started out great and in the first hour and a half we had 10 bass in the boat ranging in weight but most of them being little guys. I decided to move us then over to Gunston. When we arrived over there, the water was very muddy and we didn’t have any luck. Next stop Mattowomen!

Mattowomen is always good for a couple of fish, and we managed to track down a few, but they were few and far between. So after a couple of hours there we moved to Quantico to finish the day off. We were really looking for a snakehead in here, but again, we were thwarted.


All in all we had a good day just wish we would have caught a few more fish after that first two hours.